Powder Metallurgy Stainless Steel Crown Pinion Gear



Powder metallurgy(PM) is a state of the art metal-forming process used to produce net-shape components,which typically uses more than 97% of the starting raw material in the finished part. It is basically a “chipless”metalworking process.

Advantage of sintered processing

1). No cutting required;
2). Saving 80% cost;
3). Size of the parts is consistent and stable;
4). The material composition can be adjusted according to the performance requirements of customer parts;
5). The surface of the parts can be treated according to customer needs to improve the strength and hardness;
6). Due to the use of mold forming, it can produce complex or peculiar-shaped parts that cannot be produced by other cutting processes;
7). Since it is suitable for mass production,it has high production efficiency and lower cost than cutting.


Powder metallurgy
Stainless steel,mild steel,Iron,Brass,Copper,Aluminum,Soft Magnetic Alloy, Customized blends
6.5~7.6 according to material and your required
HRC 30-50
According to your drawing(stp,dwg,igs,pdf),or sample,provide custom service
Medical apparatus and instruments
Power tool
Automobile engine
Home appliances etc…